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Read What Others Are Saying About These Soy Candles and Our Business! 


Here are some real life testimonials about how this program is working, and what other's have to say about the candles. 



" I made over $800 in a single night, doing a home party with 10 people present. " 


"This also resulted in another booked party and several leads with realtors who want to buy." 


"What I LOVE about the pay plan is that I can earn money several different ways, including retailing the product, wholesaling it to local boutique type stores, fundraisers (did one today at my daughter's gymnastic meet), and MY FAVORITE, building a downline of partners." 


"This gives me the ability to take someone who has never sponsored a soul in MLM, and get them a paycheck, building their confidence. " 


" I am head over heels ga-ga for this product. I can't stop talking about it. My kids love it, and they are excited about it. My friends ask about it. People I don't know have come up and asked about it. Came home tonight and my husband was talking about it. " 


"It literally sells itself....." 


"I would buy and use it even if there was not a pay plan." "I have talked about this product, from a strictly product viewpoint, to many people already. I don't even have to mention the business aspect of it." 


"A successful MLM business does mean having FUN! It is possible to have fun and make money at the same time!"" 







"I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into this candle fundraiser. 


I feel extra lucky to have this support around me, and these candles are a constant reminder that we will reach our goal.


 We were able to raise over $1,300 in 2 weeks with just over 20 kids participating and now we have some great new sound equipment for the studio.  


The kids love it and I hope you take special pride in the fact that you made it all happen. 


Thank you so much!"


Donna Baltron West of Broadway Children's Theater Arts Sky Forest, California 



"I am a full-time college student and single father. I live in Pennsylvania with my two sons.


I just got started with the Candle Of the Month club about a week ago but I have been wholesaling the Candles for about 1 year.


I ordered 3 cases of the jar candles and 3 cases of votives when I joined last week. I have sold 17 jar candles and 12 votives since last week. 


I also gave away 7 votives as free samples. These candles are awesome and they really sell themselves! 


I keep a couple cases of candles in my car at all times, so when I am riding around my home town if I happen to see anyone I know, I show them the candles.


I simply ask them, "Do you like scented candles or do you know anyone that likes scented candles?" Then I let them smell the candles (I have several scents on hand) and I explain the benefits of soy candles. 


This usually leads to a purchase 80% of the time! Then I follow-up about a week later by phone....I ask them how they are enjoying the candle and I let them know that they can receive a new candle every month by joining the "Candle-of-the-Month" Club.


I also ask for referrals on this call."


BS Pennsylvania 





"Well, I have been in business for one month now and wanted to share my experiences- In this time, I did a spur of the moment Home Business Expo with traffic of about 75-100 people. 


People were very receptive to hearing about soy candles. I handed out 32 brochures, had $173 in sales, and one COM.


What I learned: I can do this!  I then have had two family members out of state selling from a case each. 


So far, sales of $180.


 What I learned: Things get done when you have others working for you.


I had a Home Party with a great hostess. Had $371 in sales, with the potential for three more parties out of it. 


What I learned: I can do this!   


Even out here all on my own, without a trainer (thanks to the help I have gotten online from this team).   


Also, have already had a reorder of $50 from someone from the Expo.


I have gone beyond my comfort zone by asking three people to book a party and gave a candle to a stranger. 


 I hope it can encourage others who have had doubts about themselves and the ability to make this happen like I have. 


About $900 in my first month tells me that if I want it bad enough, I can make it Happen!" 


CM Minnesota


Network Marketing is quite mainstream these days, with Fortune 500 companies such as Gillette, Coco-Cola and MCI using this highly effective, duplicable system to move their products and services to the marketplace.

Our system involves a few key components that make it so successful -

  1. Proven, online marketing system

  2. Unique, in-demand product, used in 80% of US Households

  3. Ongoing, pre-qualified leads for your business

  4. Coaching and training on how to build your business by internet and Network Marketing experts


Our program allows someone to earn on their own efforts of retailing. In fact, retailing efforts alone can create a serious income, and ongoing residual income through re-orders.

Our program also has a dynamic fundraising program and one can earn a great income this way, and spread the word very quickly.

Finally, it has a MLM structured pay plan in place that allows the recruiter to build a solid business as well.

So, what is it?

I'm glad you asked. It's our Gourmet Candle business and more! 

Our candles offer a clean burning alternative to traditional Paraffin candles and they represent the new technology available in the nearly $3 billion candle industry. 

Did you know that according to the National Candle Association, over 72% of all households in the U.S. purchase and use scented candles. And, the candle market is a nearly $3 billion market., which has grown annually at 10-15% each year since 1990.

Also, schools and youth groups raise nearly $2 billion each year through sales of consumer products. We offer a fundraising program that offers a consistently effective and financially rewarding approach.

And, finally, 96% of people polled have indicated their desire to own a business of their own, and the largest majority of those polled would love to work from home.

According to the Direct Selling Association ( ), nearly $30 billion in sales was done through direct selling in 2002.

Those numbers continue to grow.

Take a few minutes and go through this business overview in its entirety. You can find out more, and even get you started.

 Then, here are some steps you can take to know more -

1. Go through my website here!

2. 24 hour company overview by one of the founders, a seasoned MLM veteran, 732-463-6326, ext 0001

3. Call me, 864-352-3427

4. Enter my weekly drawing for a FREE 16 oz SOY candle and Gourmet Bath Bar!!!   >>>>>>

Take a look at what our compensation plan can provide you!

 If you do the math on this kind of business you can see where very serious part time and even full time incomes can be made! We do not guarantee anyone's income, simply an opportunity to earn serious money and a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to work from your own home and be your own boss!

Get started today by signing up directly online right Here:

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Frequently Asked Questions -


So, you have a few questions, right?

I've done my best to answer the most commonly asked ones, and if you don't find the answers you are looking for here, call me or email me and let's get your questions answered.

Q. How much will it cost me to get started?

A. Bare minimum, $39.95 to get started and $39.95 a month, plus shipping. That satisfies your monthly commitment and gives you a 16 oz jar candle (a new scent every month), a dozen votives and one Gourmet Bath and Body Bar.

This also includes your website fee every month.

To REALLY be successful, I am going to detail what I recommend.

First, sign up for Candle of the Month and order at least one sampler pack of 12 different scents. I encourage you to order two if possible. Consider getting a few Gourmet Bath and Body Bars, too. The more you know, the more you can present. And, this is a smell and sell business. Simply opening up the lids will produce sales for you. Your cost - $39.95 - 300

Second, order 100 - 300 brochures, postcards and door hangers. These are your sales aids, it's a tax write off and you will use these to promote your business. Your Cost - $48 - 144

Third, for the serious person who really wants to build fast and start with a business that will be off and running, we have introduced the Fast Start Pack!

The cost for this pack is $399.90 and includes $100 more in product. So, $100 free in wholesale product. The pack retails for $499.95!


It Includes:


1 Sample Bag (This is a bag that holds all of our scents in one place. This alone sells for $195.00)


1 Case of Top Selling Candles


1 dozen votives


1 dozen Bella Bars (split scents)


1 dozen Body Wash


1 pack Body Wash samples


1 pack brochures


Company Logo pin


Q. How much money can I make?

A. That depends on you entirely. Some have made $2000 in the first month. How? By following our exact system and retailing the product, having a few parties and sponsoring others into the business. We can customize a business plan that works for you and your situation. My belief is that in the next few years, especially as new products come out and as people become more and more aware of the dangers associated with paraffin candles, you will see many six figure income earners in our business. Will you be one of them?

Q. How soon will I make money?

A. Again, that depends on you. Many people make money their very first day by just calling a few friends and letting them simply smell the candles. This is where your sampler pack is SO important. If you are coachable, we will work together to help you retail, set up a few fundraisers and begin to sponsor others your very first month. The question really is "How much do you want to make your first month?"

Q. How do I get started?

A. First, be sure you are committed to wanting more in your life and working with a team committed to getting more! Then, complete the signup form here.  

I encourage you to order the Fast Start Pack so you have everything you need to make money from day one. If that is a stretch, make sure you order the Candle of the Month AND at least one sampler case. Don't forget about brochures, postcards and door hangers.

Then, the real fun begins. I will get you started with "Your Roadmap to Success", our team phase 1 training packet. And, our partnership will be launched.

Q. How do I build my business?

A. The majority of people out there love and use candles. Many give them as gifts. Your job is just to get those candles under the noses of others and let them decide for themselves. We have a system that will work for anyone - the part timer, full timer, those who love to recruit others and those who don't. The key to building your business is to find what works best for you, put your nose to the grindstone and focus forward. Our training will teach you how to find what will work for you.

Focusing on all three areas of business building is a great way to start your business so you can find your market niche. 

Retailing can be done through - friends, family, open houses, home parties, retail stores, craft shows and boutiques, county fairs and street fairs, business expos, while out and about, etc.

Fundraisers - sports teams, school PTA's/PTO's, church groups, youth groups, dance studios, non profit organizations, school bands, boy/girl scouts, etc.

Sponsoring Others - this is our team specialty, and we will teach you how to sponsor people that come to you and are ready to start a business.

Q. How can I find leads?

A. People who will be interested in your business are everywhere. And, we also offer leads programs and team lead and advertising coops to assist you in sponsoring others and growing your business.

Beyond that, if you are interested, our team will teach you a system for developing a presence online, with a personal website, much like this one. That's after we get your phase 1 business started and profitable. You're gonna love it!

Q. What is your criteria for coaching me?


A. My team and I are

only willing to spend our valuable time with those who are serious about their business, and are willing to follow the system that we teach. We teach what we do because we have used it, tested it, and been successful with it. Nothing we teach is theory or guesswork. And, we can only coach you in those methods that we have used personally. That is not to say that there are not other ways, and that you can't try new ideas. You can! Just understand that we can only teach, coach and advise on what we know.


Q, Why this company? What's unique about the product?


A. Our Company's Gourmet Soy Candles offers a very different approach to a home based business. There are three very distinct ways to earn a very lucrative income - retail, fundraisers and build a downline. You will learn you how to combine all three for maximum profits. The product line is unique and growing. We currently offer Soy Candles in jars and votives, as well as

our Gourmet Bath and Body Line. This is a product and a business that appeals to men and women, young and old - virtually everyone!


Q. What if I am in another program, should I quit and join you?



That really depends on your situation. If you're already in a main program with a large downline then I recommend two things. One, we partner with people in ALL different programs as a coach and lead provider. It is possible to build multiple streams of income with a second business.

Two, if the business you are in isn't taking off the way you'd expected, then we can talk about you joining our team to see if it's a fit for you. I have found that this is a business that complements other programs.

Q. What if I only have 5 - 10 hours a week to work my business?

A. It's not quantity of time that matters, it's quality of time. Reading email, reading books and studying the website can seem like business time, but it won't produce one red cent for you. So, as long as you are willing to make that 5-10 hours productive time, you can have a successful business. And, we'll teach you how to do that!

Q. I don't want to talk to people I know, can I still be successful with this business?

A. Yes, you can. Although I encourage you to at least let your friends, family and others know about your new business and let them smell the candles. You do not have to tell them about the business side, or even ask them to buy anything. Simply tell them what you are doing and ask if they have any ideas.  

Q. My spouse does not support me, can I still build a successful business?

A. Yes, in most cases. If your spouse is adamantly opposed to your business, you may want to really think things out. However, if your spouse is just skeptical, and does not want any personal involvement, that's okay. It will be important that you make good use of your available time and resources and keep your "why" for doing this business planted firmly in front of you.

Speak to your spouse and simply ask him/her to please support you to the extent that he/she respects your decision, does not belittle you, and set up some guidelines that you are both comfortable with for business hours, etc. And, then make sure you respect these guidelines.

Make it a point to earn a profit as quickly as possible and keep it growing. This usually changes the spouse from skeptical to okay, to down right excited.

Q. I have been in MLM before and have not had success. Why will this program work for me?

A. I can't promise you that it will work for you, but I do know about the commitment I will make to you. First, what reasons do you believe were the cause of your previous lack of success? What will you do differently? How committed are you to achieving what you say you want? Are you coachable? Are you willing to work closely with me and follow a system for success?

If you get clear on what you do want, let go of the past, and focus forward, your past will not dictate your future.

Q. I have small children, can I still build a business?

A. My upline team leader's son was 18 months when she started her business in January, 1994, and her daughter was born in May, 1995. You do the math. Can you build your business with small children? ABSOLUTELY! Today, her babies help her in her business and I know they have a ball! Her son recently wrote a report at school about how proud he is of his mom and her business. She shares that was worth more to her than any paycheck. Use your children to empower you in your business, not as an excuse not to build a business. We will teach you how to get them involved.

What questions are not answered here? Call me, 864-352-3427  or email me and let's get them answered.

Do you want me to contact you first, so we can get to know each other and have a phone conversation? 


Right this way >>>>




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