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I admire your commitment to thoroughly investigating this fun and rewarding new candle business. I would like to lend my support in sharing information, scent samples, answering your questions, and brainstorming ideas on getting started if you find this is right for you.

If you've taken the time to explore my website and are seriously looking at this candle business as a fresh new choice for you, gosh, let's get information and a few delicious scent samples into your home.

Your packet will include:

  • Mia Bella Business Presentation CD
  • 2 Scent Samples
  • Business Brochure and Product Catalog
  • Getting Started Options
  • Wholesale and Suggested Retail Pricing Chart
  • Your decision making process is important to me!

    By filling out this form, I can start to learn a little more about you, your interests and goals, and what you are looking for in both a business and a partnership.

    Plus, your Candle Information packet will be on its way, too!

    After I get your form, I will call you so you know I'm a real person and I'm here to support you.

    I want you to feel comfortable, so please know...

    When I call, it will not be a sales call. I absolutely do not believe in selling anyone on anything. That doesn't work for anyone and it's simply not my style. When we talk, it will be a fun conversation between two new friends; time to determine if this has possibilities for you and if we can work together.

    I like to have fun, live with integrity, and make a great income! How about you?

    So, with your permission, let's get started!



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    This business is based on the fact that millions of people  are logging onto the Internet each and every day.  A large percentage of them would like to have their own business.


    If you were convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the products and the financial potential of this business were honestly the opportunity of a lifetime, how much would you be willing to invest in your future? 





    Thanks, and congratulations for taking the time to invest a few minutes in your future.  If we mutually agree this is for you, you will be mentored and trained by the best in the industry for free.  People that know how to get results!


    By taking these few moments, I promise you that you will have the ability to make a profound difference in the lives of many!








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