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Here are some real life testimonials about how this program is working, and what other's have to say about the candles.

" I made over $800 in a single night, doing a home party with 10 people present. "

"This also resulted in another booked party and several leads with realtors who want to buy."

"What I LOVE about the pay plan is that I can earn money several different ways, including retailing the product, wholesaling it to local boutique type stores, fundraisers (did one today at my daughter's gymnastic meet), and MY FAVORITE, building a downline of partners."

"This gives me the ability to take someone who has never sponsored a soul in MLM, and get them a paycheck, building their confidence. "

" I am head over heels ga-ga for this product. I can't stop talking about it. My kids love it, and they are excited about it. My friends ask about it. People I don't know have come up and asked about it. Came home tonight and my husband was talking about it. "

"It literally sells itself....."

"I would buy and use it even if there was not a pay plan." "I have talked about this product, from a strictly product viewpoint, to many people already. I don't even have to mention the business aspect of it."

"A successful MLM business does mean having FUN! It is possible to have fun and make money at the same time!""



"I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into this candle fundraiser.

I feel extra lucky to have this support around me, and these candles are a constant reminder that we will reach our goal.

We were able to raise over $1,300 in 2 weeks with just over 20 kids participating and now we have some great new sound equipment for the studio.

The kids love it and I hope you take special pride in the fact that you made it all happen.

Thank you so much!"

Donna Baltron West of Broadway Children's Theater Arts Sky Forest, California

"I am a full-time college student and single father. I live in Pennsylvania with my two sons.

I just got started with the Candle Of the Month club about a week ago but I have been wholesaling the Candles for about 1 year.

I ordered 3 cases of the jar candles and 3 cases of votives when I joined last week. I have sold 17 jar candles and 12 votives since last week.

I also gave away 7 votives as free samples. These candles are awesome and they really sell themselves!

I keep a couple cases of candles in my car at all times, so when I am riding around my home town if I happen to see anyone I know, I show them the candles.

I simply ask them, "Do you like scented candles or do you know anyone that likes scented candles?" Then I let them smell the candles (I have several scents on hand) and I explain the benefits of soy candles.

This usually leads to a purchase 80% of the time! Then I follow-up about a week later by phone....I ask them how they are enjoying the candle and I let them know that they can receive a new candle every month by joining the "Candle-of-the-Month" Club.

I also ask for referrals on this call."

BS Pennsylvania

"Well, I have been in business for one month now and wanted to share my experiences- In this time, I did a spur of the moment Home Business Expo with traffic of about 75-100 people.

People were very receptive to hearing about soy candles. I handed out 32 brochures, had $173 in sales, and one COM.

What I learned: I can do this! I then have had two family members out of state selling from a case each.

So far, sales of $180.

What I learned: Things get done when you have others working for you.

I had a Home Party with a great hostess. Had $371 in sales, with the potential for three more parties out of it.

What I learned: I can do this!

Even out here all on my own, without a trainer (thanks to the help I have gotten online from this team).

Also, have already had a reorder of $50 from someone from the Expo.

I have gone beyond my comfort zone by asking three people to book a party and gave a candle to a stranger.

I hope it can encourage others who have had doubts about themselves and the ability to make this happen like I have.

About $900 in my first month tells me that if I want it bad enough, I can make it Happen!"

CM Minnesota

You mean I can earn an income

helping organizations earn the money

they need to achieve success?

Yes, you can!

When I took a look at this business, fundraising was one of the aspects that attracted me the most.  It's fun and rewarding!

There are hundreds of thousands of organizations across the United States looking for ways to earn more money every year.

Why not help them and earn money for yourself at the same time?

Imagine being able to show organizations in your community a fundraiser using the clean burning, long scented gourmet candles. What a great product that gives value to the community and a exciting financial support to the organization.

I'll bet you, just like me, are approached often by children and adults involved in raising funds for worthy causes you would like to support. Or maybe as a parent you might be actively involved in fundraising for many of your children's activities.

You have probably noticed the choices they offer are very limited.

You may be sick of:

  • Candy
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Popcorn
  • Bake Sales


People are looking for value in fundraisers. When I found this program and realized that I could create an income from home, and that it can be done with my children, I jumped on it.

The best part is, I am able to help others do the same!


Why Soy Candles for your next Fundraiser?


Soy scented candles make the perfect fundraising item. In a recent poll of women buyers, 96% said that they had purchased a scented candle within 12 months. With our soy scented candles you can offer a alternative to something that almost everyone is already buying!

Our Soy Candles are a great fundraising item because you can earn excellent income on each candle. Instead of a few cents for every sale, you can make a few dollars! This means that you can earn more for the same effort!

And, we have a complete fundraising package that contains everything you will need to present, run and deliver on a successful fundraiser.

Find out more here >>>>>>>>


Some questions and answers you will want to know:

Will Fundraising with your Hand Poured Gourmet Soy Candles be as good as the gift wrap, chocolates, or other items we have been selling in the past?

There are many factors that contribute to successful fundraisers, which make it impossible to guarantee success in any fundraising program. However, Candle Fundraising Programs have been as successful, if not more so, than most of the products sold today.

Can we be successful if we only have a small organization?

Successful fundraisers are not dependent upon the amount of members in your non-profit organization. We have seen small groups and even individuals who have sold incredible amounts of candles for fundraising.

Do many people buy candles?

It would be impossible to know just how many people buy candles, but we do know that on average, 85% of all families buy candles at least once a year. We believe that most of them will switch to soy candles when they are educated on the benefits of soy candles.

Are these candles too expensive as fundraising products?

Our hand poured soy candles have value, are naturally clean, represent a healthy alternative to unhealthy paraffin candles and are priced in the same range as many paraffin candles (which already have a great track record for fundraising)

Why is the "QUALITY" of Gourmet Soy Candles so important?

We constantly search and hand-select fragrance oils from around the world, so that our candle gives off a pleasing scent when it burns. If it is an apple scented candle, it will smell like apples, not perfume. We take immense pride in our process which assures that every aspect of our candle is done with personal pride and we truly believe that the key to having a long term relationship with your fundraising organization and their customer base is to offer a candle that has no peers!

If we sell your Hand Poured Gourmet Soy Candles two years in a row, will the second year be as successful as the first?

Past experience shows that the second year is usually more successful because people are aware of the quality and value of our candles and buy more than they did the year before.


Read more about what others are saying -


Dear Jackie,


I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into this candle fundraiser. I feel extra lucky to have this support around me, and these candles are a constant reminder that we will reach our goal.


We were able to raise over $1,300 in 2 weeks with just over 20 kids participating and now we have some great new sound equipment for the studio.


The kids love it and I hope you take special pride in the fact that you made it all happen. Thank you so much!"


West of Broadway Children's Theater Arts

Sky Forest, California

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